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The Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission is an independent body which has responsibility for deciding whether convicted persons who seek review of their conviction/sentence should have their cases retried in court. If the Commission decides that there should be a review, the case will be referred for retrial before a court other than that which imposed the conviction/sentence.

The Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission was established by a revision of the Criminal Procedure Act Chapter 27. The amendment came into force on 1 January 2004.

What is required for a case to be reopened?

It must be a criminal case which has been decided by a legally enforceable judgment. The Norwegian Criminal Cases Review Commission is not to deal with civil cases.

The Commission shall assess whether the requirements for a review are present. The most important grounds for a criminal case to be reopened are:

  • New evidence or new circumstances that may lead to acquittal or a considerably lighter sentence.

  • In a case against Norway, an international court or the UN Commission on Human Rights has concluded that the decision or the proceedings of the convicted person’s case, is in contravention of international law and there are grounds to suppose that a new examination of the criminal case will lead to a different conclusion.

  • If someone who has had crucial dealings with the case (prosecuting counsel, judge, expert, defence counsel, witness) has committed a criminal offence that may have affected the conviction/sentence to the disadvantage of the convicted person.

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