The Commission’s members and secretariat


Kamilla Silseth

Chair of the Commission and head of the secretariat 


Deputy chair

Trude Marie Wold




Frederik Meringen

Møre og Romsdal District Court judge 




Rolf K. Sæther

State Authorized Public Accountant



Tom Gunnar Vik

Alternate member

Timothy John Brennen

Professor of psychology at the University of Oslo

Brennen’s research is focused on cognitive psychology, and includes subjects such as identification of persons, false memories and the cognitive effects of trauma exposure. He has served as a court appointed expert witness giving testimony on memory and related subjects.  He has previously worked at the Universities of Tromsø, Savoie and Grenoble, been head of research at the Department of Psychology and Research Dean at the Social Sciences faculty. 

Alternate member

Bendik Falch-Koslung



Alternate member

Beate Blom

Gulating Court of Appeal judge 





About the secretariat

The secretariat assists the Commission by investigating the factual and legal aspects of the cases. The secretariat is headed by the Chair and has 13 fulltime employees. 

Nine investigating officers have a legal background, while two investigating officers have a police background. Additionally, the secretariat employs one office manager and a senior secretary. 

The investigating officers have extensive experience from both the criminal justice system and other areas. 

The Commission has a duty to provide guidance. If the applicant is not assisted by a lawyer, the secretariat will normally be in direct contact with the individual. 

If you have questions or want to know more, please contact us by phone or e-mail.