Information for aggrieved persons and next of kin

The Criminal Cases Review Commission is usually obligated to inform aggrieved persons and next of kin of the application. 

They also have a number of rights when the case is considered by the Commission: 

-    The right to read the case documents 
-    The right to submit a statement or their comments about the application 
-    The right to ask the Commission to make an oral statement 
-    The right to be informed of the result and grounds of the Commission’s decision 

Aggrieved persons or next of kin may also have the right to an appointed counsel.

The Commission is not obligated to give information about the application to aggrieved persons and next of kin where it is obvious that the application will not succeed, and the Commission rejects the application. In such situations, aggrieved persons and next of kin will usually not have the rights mentioned above. 

That a case is rejected means that it is closed without further investigation, and that there will be no retrial. 

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